The Acceptability of Online Degrees Earned as a Credential for Obtaining Employment | Adams and DeFleur

Adams, J. & DeFleur, M. (2006). The acceptability of online degrees earned as a credential for obtaining employment. Communication Education, 55(1), 32-45. Retrieved from

Adams & DeFleur (2006, pdf here) described employers’ preferences of traditional degrees over online and compared the external value and acceptability of traditional and online credentials in terms of employability. The paper presented employers’ views of the quality of one’s education based on the reputation of the institution, suggesting greater applicability of badges that are externally valued. Adams & DeFleur showed how employers factor the qualifications and characteristics of candidates. The study compared applicants that followed a traditional route with those that attended an online or hybrid program, and the findings revealed that employers do not regard online degrees equally as traditional degrees, with implications and considerations for the design of digital badges.

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